Ventilation ducting - proper inspection required   May 30th, 2011

Ventilation ducting is the specialized task that requires specialist equipment and technical people to install. The proper methods of ventilation ducting have to be followed and these have to be inspected often. The uses of the ducting are umpteen in number and this can be used in many places like the oil and the gas industry, the chemical industry and many other food and processing industries.
The ducting has to be regularly inspected so that the operation is safe and secure. The use of the ventilation also makes provision for breathing of clean and pure air so that there is no pollution within the house or the industry. The quality of the air that circulates within the room is improved. The first and foremost method of providing clean and fresh air inside the room is through the use of the ventilation ducting.
Poorly maintained ducting can cause many hazards and it can also reduce the efficiency of the system. If here is any leak in the ventilation system, a fire in one room can be easily spread to the others without any contact between these rooms. The ventilation ducting should be properly checked for acceptable standard. Debris can build up and there can be dust and corrosion in certain parts of the system.
Mostly ventilation ducting is inspected by means of a remote camera. A mini digital camera is passed through the ventilation and it takes images of the ducting, and checks for any cracks or leaks in the passage.

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