The features of Redring water heaters   May 30th, 2011

Redring water heaters give you the power to take a bath whenever you feel like taking one. One can get instant hot water with the help of these heaters. They are very compact and space saving. They are not as bulky as the hot water cylinders or geysers used before. The heaters are environment friendly as they can save on electricity consumption.
Most of the companies offer a three year warranty period. The heater can deliver 5 liters per minute at the steamy temperature of 47C. It is the best alternative to be used as a substitute for gas, propane or other fuel.
The features of the Redring water heaters are unique from the other companies that produce this type of heater. The water can be taken from the heater through the use of one or two outlets. This makes the flow of water faster. The Redring water heaters have a neon power indicator and also don’t lose heat because of standing for some time without use.
The water from the taps can be easily connected to the spray and this is provided with a flexible mount. The Redring water heaters are instantaneous in response and can easily be pushed under a cupboard or a sink, as they are very accommodative. The heater also has a remote that can be operated from as far as 5m.
The heat settings have an option for two, such that the temperature required can be fixed, either low or high. There are three models which can be availed in this category of heaters.

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