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Catherine Zeta Jones

The origin of Catherine's middle name.


The Swansea's Blitz photographs are a fascinating survival from the darkest days of the Second World War, made even more special by the fact that they were colour photographs.

Swansea's Cottage Exhibition of 1910 deserves  a far higher prominence in the history of the city because it reflects a time of great interest in people's quality of life. In the years before the First World War there was considerable interest in the town about curing the ills of the Industrial Revolution. The Cottage Exhibition reflects this desire, and the houses are still there today!

The shape and layout of houses can give a fascinating insight into how the early town grew. 


Cleaning up the Bay

Changes in attitudes to sewage and health in Swansea 1800 to 1999.

Swansea's Blitz 1941

Unique colour photographs of one of Swansea's most formative events.

Early housing 

A look at the development of housing in the Victorian town. The shape and form of Swansea housing illustrated and explained.

Swansea's Cottage Exhibition of 1910

The famous exhibition that transformed local ideas on the Garden City movement and  how people should live.

Local Acts of Parliament

A list of the most important local Acts that affected the town between the 1750s and the 1860s. The Enclosure Act of 1762 is also here.

Molly on the Kitchen Front

A unique set of photographs from the Second World War featuring a housewife from Dunvant who became a key figure in the nation's war effort. 

Reading about Swansea

Reading lists on local history and specific subject guides. Book reviews looks at some good books about the city.

The port of Swansea

A growing collection of resources and information about the port and harbour. Brunel's report of 1846 is reproduced here.

Swansea's North Dock

A plan of the central area of town in the 1880s (be patient - long download time).

Swansea in 1838

A basic pen picture of the town from the tithe records.

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Cholera in Swansea

Basic information on how the disease affected the Victorian town.

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