The History of Swansea Basic Reading

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These books are best seen at Swansea Central Library or the reading room of the West Glamorgan Archive service.

ALBAN, J.R., Calendar of Swansea freemen’s records from 1760 (Swansea, 1982).

ALBAN, J.R., Portreeves and mayors of Swansea (Swansea. 1982).

AI,BAN, J.R., Swansea, 1184-1984 (Swansea, 1984).

Boorman, D., The Brighton of Wales. Swansea as a fashionable seaside resort c.1780 - c.1830 (Swansea, 1986).

The City of Swansea. Challenges and change. ed. R.A. Griffiths (Stroud, 1990).


EVANS, E., Swansea castle and the medieval town (Swansea, 1983)

FRANCIS, (G.G., Charters granted to Swansea ... (London, 1867 [1871]).

Glamorgan County History, vols. i-vi (Cardiff, 1936-88).

HARRIS, E., Swansea. Its port and trade and their development (Cardiff, 1935).

JONES, W.H., History of the port of Swansea (Carmarthen, 1922).

JONES, W.H., History of Swansea and the lordship of Gower (2 vols. Carmarthen, 1920 and Swansea, 1992).

MORGAN, W,L., The town and manor of Swansea (Carmarthen, 1924).

REES, W., South Wales and the March 1284-14 15 (Oxford, 1924). REEVES, A.C., The marcher lords (Llandybie, 1983).

ROBERTS, G., The municipal development of the borough of Swansea to 1900 (Cardiff, 1940).

ROBINS, N.A., The Enclosure of Townhill. An Illustrated Guide (Swansea, 1990).

ROBINS, N.A., Homes for Heroes.(Swansea, 1992)

ROBINS, N.A. Eye of the Eagle. The Luftwaffe Aerial Photographs of Swansea (Swansea, 1993).

PRICE R.T., Little Ireland, Aspects of the Irish and Greenhill, Swansea (Swansea, 1992).

SEYLER, C., The early charters of Swansea and Gower’ Archaeologia Cambrensis, lxxix (1924), 59-79 and 299-325; lxxx (1925), 157-76.

Swansea. An illustrated history, ed. Glanmor Williams (Swansea, 1990).

WILLIAMS, D.T., The economic development of the Swansea district to 1921 (Cardiff, 1940).



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