Housing History Basic Reading

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Basic Reading

Barrett, H. and Phillips, J., Suburban Style. The British Home 1840-1960 (London, 1987).

Burnett, J., A Social History of Housing 1815-1985 (London, 1986).

Cohen, S., A Guide To The Annual Reports Of The Medical Officer Of Health For Swansea (Swansea, 1991).

Darley, G., Villages of Vision (London, 1975).

Davies, T.G.H., Guide To The Committees Of The County Borough Of Swansea (Swansea, 1995).

Dean, B., Slums. Living Conditions in 19th Century Swansea, 3 vols (Swansea, [n.d.]).

Lowe, J., Welsh Industrial Workers Housing 1775-1875 (Cardiff, 1977).

Lowe, J., Welsh Country Workers Housing 1775-1875 (Cardiff, 1985).

Muir, R., The Lost Villages of Britain (London, 1982).

Robins, N.A., Homes For Heroes. Early Twentieth-Century Council Housing in the County Borough of Swansea (Swansea, 1992).

Taylor, A., ‘The Garden Cities Movement in a Local context; the Development and Decline of the Penkhull Garden village Estate’, The Local Historian, 27 (1997), 30-47.

Trinder, B., The Making of the Industrial Landscape (London, 1982).

There is a massive amount of reading material on housing history, mainly because it covers so many subject areas; Sociology, History, Geography, Economics etc. So you will find books about this subject under many classifications. One of the best books to start with is Suburban Style, a tremendous introduction to the subject, but unfortunately quite rare. There is a copy in Swansea Reference Library. John Burnett’s Social History of Housing is a standard work and will explain everything to you .  The two books by Jeremy Lowe give an excellent insight into Welsh housing and the unique characteristics of the Welsh landscape. Barrie Trinder’s book gives a good general introduction to the development of housing in the Industrial Revolution.

Most of these books will have excellent bibliographies which will take you in any direction you care to go.



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