Abbreviations and Bibliographies

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Throughout the texts the following abbreviations have been used:

ARIBA Associate of the Royal Institution of British Architects.
BA Borough Architect.
EA Borough Estate Agent.
HMSO Her/His Majesty’s Stationery Office.
LGB Local Government Board.
MOH Ministry of Health.
PP Parliamentary Papers.
RDC Rural District Council.
RIBA Royal Institution of British Architects.
WGAS West Glamorgan Archives Service
TC Town Clerk.
Tudor Walters Report of the Committee appointed by the President of the Local Government Board and the Secretary for Scotland to consider questions of building construction in connection
with the provision of dwellings for the working classes in England, Wales and Scotland and report upon the methods of securing economy and dispatch in the provision of such dwellings. London: HMSO, cd.9191, 1918 (understandably always known by the Chairman’s name as the Tudor Walters Report).
UCSL University College of Swansea Library.
WACH Women’s Advisory Committee on Housing.


Unpublished Primary Sources

West Glamorgan Archives Service

BA212 1-23. Swansea Corporation Borough Architect’s Reports.

EA5O/7-26. Swansea Corporation Estate Agent’s Letter Books.

TC3/20-45. Swansea Corporation, Council Notices, 1900-25.

TC4/Housing/l-5. Swansea Corporation Housing of the Working Classes Committee Draft Minutes.

TC5O/LGB Corres/24-28. Files of Correspondence with the Local Government Board.

TC53/661 1/12. Townhill Loan Application 1917.

TC53/66 12. LGB Correspondence 1914-15.

TC53/7898. LGB Correspondence 1919-21. Shops on Townhill.

TC53/6705. Housing of the Working Classes Acts, 1890-1909. Morriston, November 1917.

TC53/7807. Direct Administration 1920.

TC53/78 10. Concrete Houses.

TC53/78 11. Minutes (and other material) relating to the Women’s Housing Advisory Committee.

TC53/78 12. Correspondence with Housing Commissioner.

TC53/78 17. Fforestfach Contract File (Weaver and Co.).

TC53/7821. Cwmdu Contract File (Pye and Co.).


Published Primary Sources

Housing (Additional Powers) Act, 1919 [9 & 10 Geo. V, cap.99]. Housing, Town Planning, etc. Act, 1919 (‘The Addison Act’) [9 & 10 Geo.V , cap.35].

LGB Circular 86/1917 (London: HMSO, 28 July 1917).

LGB Circular 41/1918 (London: HMSO, 18 March 1918).

LGB Memorandum for the use of Local Authorities with respect to The Provision and Arrangement of Houses for the Working Classes (London: HMSO, 1917).

MOH Circular 8/1919 (London: HMSO, 25 August 1919).

MOH Circular 39/19 19 (London: HMSO, 21 November 1919). MOH Circular 40/19 19 (London: HMSO, 3 December 1919). MOH Circular 222/1921 (London: HMSO, 25 July 1921).

MOH Housing Department: Standard Specification for Cottages (London: HMSO, 1919).

Swansea Garden City Exhibition Programme (London: National Housing and Town Planning Council, 1910).

Tenants’ Handbook (Gloucester: British Publishing Company (for Swansea Housing Committee), 1937).

PP. 1918, Cd 9191, vii, ‘Report of the committee appointed by the President of the Local Government Board and the Secretary for Scotland to consider questions of building construction in connection with the provision of dwellings for the working classes in England and Wales, and Scotland, and report upon methods of securing economy and despatch in the provision of such dwellings’ (The Tudor Walters Report).

Secondary Sources

BARRETT, H. and PHILLIPS, J., Suburban Style (London, 1987).

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BURNETT, J., A Social History of Housing (London, 1978).

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CHAMBERS, J., The English House (London, 1985).

COHEN, S., A Guide to the Annual Reports of the Medical Officer of Health for Swansea (Swansea, 1991).

DAUNTON, M.J. (ed.), Councillors and Tenants. Local Authority Housing in English Cities, 1919-1939 (Leicester, 1984).

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Production of "Homes for Heroes"’, Business History, xviii (1976), pp.152-189.

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WILLIAMS, G. (ed.), Swansea. An illustrated History (Swansea, 1990).



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