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U 775

U 775 was one of the last boats to enter the Bristol Channel.
U 775
Type VII C
Laid down 22 Jan 1943 Kriegsmarinewerft, Wilhelmshaven
Commissioned 23 March 1944 Oblt. Erich Taschenmacher
Commander 03.44 - 05.45 Oblt. Erich Taschenmacher


March 1944 - October 1944 31 U-Flottille (Hamburg)
November 1944 - May 1945 11 U-Flottille (Bergen)

Patrol 1 31 October 1944 Left Kiel and arrived at Horten on 3 November 1944.

Patrol 2 7 November 1944. Left Horten and arrived at Bergen on 11 November 1944.

Patrol 3 18 November 1944. Left for British coastal waters. U 775 operated north of Scotland, from Cape Wrath to the Pentland Firth. On 6 December she torpedoed and sank the frigate HMS Bullen off Strathy Point. The boat was hunted for 14 hours afterwards by the frigates HMS Loch Insh and Goodall but she escaped. U 775 returned to Bergen on 21 December 1944.

On 12 January 1945 U 775 was damaged in a raid on the U-boat pens at Bergen by Lancasters of RAF Bomber Command.

Patrol 4 7 February 1945. Left for operations. In late February, U 775 was operating in St George’s Channel. On the 28th she sank the SS Soreldoc (Pa. 1926t) north west of St David’s Head and on 2 March 1945 she claimed two ships torpedoed west of Ireland. This seems unlikely because on the 6th U 775 probably attacked and damaged the SS Empire Geraint (Br. 6991 t) west of Hartland Point. The boat put in to Trondheim on 30 March 1945.

U 775 was surrendered at Trondheim on 9 May 1945. She left for Scapa Flow on the 29th, later going on to the assembly area at Loch Ryan. She was one of 116 boats disposed of by the Royal Navy in Operation Deadlight. In early December 1945 she was towed out through the North Channel by the destroyer HMS Obedient. U 775 was sunk by gunfire on 8 December 1945 north of Tory Island.