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U 758

Another North Atlantic veteran, U 758 entered the Bristol Channel during her eighth patrol.
U 758
Type VII C
Laid down 18 May 1940 Kriegsmarinewerft, Wilhelmshaven
Commissioned 5 May 1942 Kptlt. Helmut Manseck
Commander 05.42 - 04.44
04.44 - 03.45
Kptlt. Helmut Manseck
Oblt. Hans-Arend Feindt


May 1942 - November 1942 6 U-Flottille (Danzig) training
November 1942 - October 1944 6 U-Flottille (St. Nazaire) front boat
October 1944 - March 1945 33 U-Flottille (Flensburg) front boat

Patrol 1 14 November 1942. Left Kiel for the North Atlantic.  U 758 put in to her new base at St Nazaire on 24 December 1942.

Patrol 2  14 February 1943. Left for Atlantic operations.  The boat put in to Bordeaux on 30 March 1943.

U 758’s armament was modified by the replacement of her existing light anti-aircraft guns with a quadruple 20mm flakvierling gun set-up. Trials were carried out in April and May

Patrol 3  15 May 1943. Left Bordeaux and returned on 16 May 1943.

Patrol 4  26 May 1943. Left for Atlantic operations. Outward-bound on June 8th, U 758 sighted a destroyer west of the Azores, one of the escort for eastbound convoy UGS 9. The escort-carrier USS Bogue was with the convoy and U 758s experimental armament was about to be tested. In the evening of the 8th the boat was sighted, moving fast on the surface, by an Avenger from Bogue. In the face of heavy flak, the aircraft dropped four depth-bombs which fell wide. The boat moved away south-westwards but was soon after attacked by another Avenger, again in the face of heavy fire. Four more depth-bombs were dropped and the aircraft was badly damaged and her radioman wounded. Fowler managed to get his aircraft back to Bogue. The boat circled slowly on the surface and several Wildcats made strafing attacks but were driven off. One put two of the four 20mm guns out of action A third Avenger approached and dropped depth-bombs as the boat dived.

Ten minutes later U 758 resurfaced and put up intense flak at the two circling aircraft. Before the boat dived again, Perabo made two more strafing attacks in his Wildcat. The pilots had signalled that no surface assistance was required and three approaching escort vessels were recalled. The destroyer USS Clemson was later sent to the scene but her one depth-charge attack caused no further damage to the boat. In the early hours of the 9th U 758 resurfaced to recharge her batteries and then headed for a rendezvous with U 118 on or about the 10th to pass over some of the eleven crewmen wounded in the action. U 118 was sunk by carrier-borne aircraft on the 12th and some of U 758’s men were among the 15 survivors. U 758s performance against the attacking aircraft was considered sufficient justification for the increased armament and the flak-boat conversions went ahead. U 758 returned to St Nazaire on 25 June 1943.

Patrol 5  1 September 1943. Left for the North Atlantic. She put in to Lorient on 24 October 1943.

Patrol 6  16 December 1943. Left for Atlantic operations. U 758 joined Borkum group, which was searching in an area 400 miles north west of Cape Ortegal for combined convoy MKS 33/SL 142. When the convoy was not found, the Borkum boats were ordered to operate against the carrier groups of USS Card and Core. On the 11th U 758 was damaged in a rocket attack by aircraft from USS Block Island. The boat returned to St Nazaire on 20 January 1944.

Patrol 7  6 June 1944. U 758 was one of nineteen non-schnorkel boats which sailed into the Bay of Biscay as part of Landwirt group. They were to form a line at the 200 metres depth line between Brest and Bordeaux, keeping out of port in case an Allied invasion force arrived and trapped them there. The boats later moved in to the 100 metres depth line, where they could lay on the bottom for long periods. The waiting boats were under constant attack from the air when they surfaced at night. When no invasion had come by the 12th, the boats were recalled to port and placed on six hours notice. U 758 returned to St Nazaire on 15 June 1944.

Patrol 8  23 August 1944. Left for British coastal waters. Now schnorkel-equipped, U 758 patrolled in the Bristol Channel for two weeks from the end of August. Very few independent ships were seen and individual boats in inshore waters could do little against convoys. U 758 had no success on this patrol. The boat put into Bergen on 10 October 1944.

Patrol 9  13 October 1944. Left Bergen and arrived at Stavanger on 14 October 1944.

Patrol 10 19 October 1944. Left Stavanger and arrived at Flensburg on 25 October 1944.

On 24 March 1945, U 758 was decommissioned at Kiel after being badly damaged in an air attack. She was handed over to the Allies in May 1945 and broken up in 1946.