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U 740

It is conceivable that U 740 may have tried to enter the Bristol Channel in June 1944. I have included her here for completeness.
U 740
Type VII C
Laid down 26 April 1942 Schichau, Danzig
Commissioned 27 March 1943 Oblt. Günther Stark
Commander 03.43 - 06.44 Kptlt. Günther Stark


March 1943 - March 1944 8 U-Flottille (Danzig)
March 1944 - June 1944 1 U-Flottille (Brest)

Patrol 1 11 March 1944. Left Kiel and arrived at Bergen on 14 March 1944.

Patrol 2 27 March 1944. Left Bergen for the North Atlantic. Outward-bound, U 740 and other boats were ordered to go to bases in Western France to join Landwirt group. U 740 put in to Brest on 21 April 1944.

Patrol 3 6 June 1944. Left Brest, as part of the Landwirt group. U 740 and seven other non-schnorkel boats were ordered to the area between The Lizard and Hartland Point to operate against Allied invasion supply shipping heading for the English Channel. For an early arrival the boats sailed late in the evening and were ordered to proceed on the surface at high speed. They all came under aircraft attack almost immediately after dropping their escorts off Brest. U 740 was believed sunk in a depth-charge attack by a Liberator of 120 Squadron west of the Scillies on 9 June. However it is now believed that the boat was sunk either by a Liberator aircraft (Sqdn. 53/L) on 7 June in position 48°34’N, 05°23’W or Liberator aircraft (Sqdn. 224/G) on 8 June in position 48°27’N, 05°47’west. Listed as missing in the English Channel after 6 June, 1944. 51 dead (all crew lost).