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U 30

Although not a Bristol Channel boat, U 30 did operate off the Welsh coast for a brief period during her third patrol.
U 30
Type VII
Laid down 24 Jan. 1936 AG Weser, Bremen
Commissioned 8 Oct. 1936 Kptlt. Hans Cohausz
Commanders 10.36 - 10.38
02.38 - 08.38
11.38 - 09.40
09.40 - 03.41
04.41 - 03.42
03.42 - 10.42
10.42 - 12.42
12.42 - 05.43
05.43 - 12.43
12.43 - 12.44
Kptlt. Hans Cohausz
Kptlt. Hans Pauckstadt
Kptlt. Fritz Julius Lemp (Knights Cross)
Korvkpt. Oblt. Robert Prützmann
Oblt. Paul-Karl Loeser
Oblt. Hubertus Purkhold
Oblt. Kurt Baberg
Oblt. Hermann Bauer
Ltnt. Franz Saar

Oblt. Ernst Fischer
Oblt. Ludwig Fabricius
Oblt. Günther Schimmel


October 1936 - December 1939 U-Flottille 'Saltzwedel' (Wilhelmshaven)
January 1940 - November 1940 2 U-Flottille (Wilhelmshaven/Lorient)
November 1940 - December 1942 24 U-Flottille (Danzig/Memel/Trondheim/Gotenhafen) training boat
December 1942 - November 1943
December 1943 - January 1945 22 U-Flotille (Gotenhafen) school boat

Patrol 1 22 August 1939. From Wilhelmshaven, to operate west of the British Isles and in the South Western Approaches. On 3 September 1939, U 30 sank the passenger liner SS Athenia (British, 13581t) south of Rockall. Having convinced the senior staff that he had acted in good faith he was not punished. On 11 September, U 30 sank the SS Blairlogie (British, 4425t) south of Rockall by torpedo and gunfire. On the 14th she sank the SS Fanad Head (British, 5200t) by torpedo and gunfire south of Rockall.  U 30 returned to base on 27 September 1939.

Patrol 2 9 December 1939. Left Wilhelmshaven and returned on 14 December.

Patrol 3 23 December 1939. Left Wilhelmshaven for aminelaying operation.  Twelve TMB mines were to be laid off Liverpool. En route early on the 28th, U 30 used gunfire to sink the steam trawler HMS Barbara Robertson, then serving as an auxiliary patrol craft after being requisitioned by the Royal Navy, north west of the Butt of Lewis. During the afternoon of the same day, U 30 encountered a naval Task Force north west of the Flannan Isles. She torpedoed and damaged the battleship HMS Barham, which was eventually sunk on 25 November 1941 by U 331 off Alexandria. U 30 laid her mines in a perfect position, near the Bar lightship on 6 January, which resulted in Liverpool harbour being temporarily closed. The mines sank four ships and damaged another. The SS El Oso (British, 7267t), from convoy HX 14B, was sunk on 11 January, the SS Gracia (British, 5642t), from convoy OB 71, was damaged on 15 January; the SS Cairnross, (British, 5494t), from convoy OB 74, was sunk on 17 January; the MV Munster (British, 4305t) was sunk on 7 February and the SS Chagres (British, 5406t) on the 9th. U 30 returned to a hero's welcome from Donitz at Wilhelmshaven on 17 January 1940.

Patrol 4 11 March 1940. Left to operate initially off Trondheim. On the 13th U 30 attacked a British submarine but the torpedoes malfunctioned or missed. She later moved south to operate against British naval forces around the Orkneys and Shetlands but had no success.  The boat arrived at Wilhelmshaven on 30 March 1940.

Patrol 5 3 April 1940. Left Wilhelmshaven under sealed orders to take part inthe invasion of Norway. She returned to base on 4 May 1940.

Patrol 6 8 June 1940. Left for the Atlantic. A pack-operation was planned and U 30 was one of six boats which made up a group under the tactical command of Günther Prien. They formed a patrol line south west of Ireland from the 12th, to intercept an expected eastbound convoy HX 48 on the 16th. The convoy moved southwards and no contact was made. The group was broken up on the 17th and the boats moved to positions at the western end of the English Channel. On the 20th U 30 sank the SS Otterpool (British, 4876t) south west of the Scillies, on the 22nd the MV Randsfjord (Nw. 3999t) from convoy HX 49 was sunk south east of Queenstown, Ireland and on the 28th the SS Llanarth (British, 5053t) went down south west of Brest. In the early hours of 1 July, south west of the Scillies, U 30 sank the SS Beignon (British, 5218t) and claimed an unidentified ship of 7900 tons of convoy SL 36. After sinking the SS Angela Mabro (Eg. 3154t) south west of Brest on the 6th, U 30 put into Lorient on the 7th; the first U-boat to use a captured port in western France. After replenishment she sailed again on the 13th, southwards for Spanish waters. On the 21st, west of Vigo, U 30 torpedoed the SS Ellaroy (British, 712t) and then finished her off with gunfire. U 30 returned to Lorient on 24 July 1940.

Patrol 7 5 August 1940. Left to operate west of the British Isles. U 30 sank the MV Canton (Sw. 5779t) near Tory Island on the 9th and sank the SS Clan MacPhee (British, 6628t) on the 16th north west of Rockall. From this, her last operational patrol, U 30 returned to her German base at Wilhelmshaven on 27 August 1940.

Patrol 8 29 August 1940. Left Wilhelmshaven and arrived at Kiel on 30 August 1940.

U 30 went on to training duties in November 1940 and continued so until she was transferred from Gotenhafen to Mürwik on 12 January 1945. She was decommissioned there and scuttled in May 1945.