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U 1302

U 1302
Type VII C/41
Laid down 6 Mar 1943 Flensburger Schiffsbau, Flensburg
Commissioned 25 May 1944 Oblt. Wolfgang Herwartz
Commander 05.44 - 03.45 Kptlt. Wolfgang Herwartz


May 1944 - December 1944 4 U-Flottille (Stettin)
January 1945 - March 1945 11 U-Flottille (Bergen) front boat

Patrol 1 22 January 1945. Left Kiel and arrived at Horten on 25 January 1945.

Patrol 2 3 February 1945. Left for British coastal waters. U 1302 entered the Irish Sea via St George’s Channel. On the 28th she sank the MV Norfolk Coast (Br. 646t) north west off St David’s Head and in the same area on 2 March U 1302 attacked convoy SC 167, sinking the MV King Edgar (Br. 4536t) and the SS Novasli (Nw. 3204t). On the 7th the boat was located after a five-day search north west of Dinas Head by warships of the 25th Escort Group. She was sunk in position 5219’N, 0523’W, after depthcharge attacks by the three Canadian frigates HMCS La Hulloise, Strathadam and Thetford Mines. There were no survivors, 48 dead.