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U 1202

U 1202
Type VII C
Laid down 28 Apr 1943 Schichau, Danzig
Commissioned 27 Jan 1944 Kptlt. Rolf Thomsen
Commander 01.44 - 05.45 Kptlt. Rolf Thomsen (Oak Leaves)


January 1944 - August 1944 8 U-Flottille (Danzig)
September 1944 - May 1945 11 U-Flottille (Bergen) front boat

Patrol 1 21 October 1944. Left Kiel and arrived at Horten on 24 October 1944.

Patrol 2 26 October 1944. Left Horten and arrived at Kristiansand on 28 October 1944.

Patrol 3 30 October 1944. Left for British coastal waters. U 1202 was to operate in the Irish Sea. On 10 December 1944, she reported sinking four ships from a convoy she attacked north west of St David’s Head. Only one was confirmed, the SS Dan Beard (Am. 7176t). The boat put in to Bergen on 1 January 1945.

Patrol 4 4 March 1945. Left for Atlantic operations. U 1202 operated in an area south west of Ireland. On the 21st she claimed one destroyer sunk and an escort-carrier damaged south west of Ireland. Neither was confirmed. The boat reported two ships sunk on the 31st south west of Ireland but, again, there was no confirmation. On 1 April 1945, U 1202 claimed two corvettes sunk and a ship torpedoed and damaged. These claims were also unconfirmed. The boat returned to Bergen on 26 April 1945.

U 1202 was surrendered at Bergen on 9 May 1945. She was taken over by the Royal Navy in 1947 and transferred to the Royal Norwegian Navy in October 1948. She was commissioned as submarine KNM Kynn on 1 July 1951 and decommissioned on 1 June 1961. The boat was broken up in 1963.