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U 1195

U 1195
Type VII C
Laid down 6 February 1943 Schichau, Danzig
Commissioned 4 Nov. 1943 Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schröter
Commander 10.44 - 04.45 KL Ernst Cordes


November 1943 - December 1943 21 U-Flottille (Pillau)

January 1944 - October 1944 24 U-Flottille (Memel)

November 1944 - December 1944 5 U-Flottille (Kiel)

January 1945 - April 1945 11 U-Flottille (Bergen)

Patrol 1 4 February 1945. Departed Kiel and arrived at Horten on February 8.

Patrol 2 13 February 1945. Departed Horten and arrived at Kristiansand the same day.

Patrol 3 16 February 1945. Left Kristiansand and arrived at Bergen on February 22.

Patrol 4 24 February 1945. Departed Bergen for British coastal waters. Ernst Cordes, the commander oU 1195 was something of an expert on shallow coastal water and there was every expectation that he would survive the mission. Cordes took twenty seven days to slowly edge his way into St Georges Channel. On March 21, he came across coastal convoy BTC 103 off Milford Haven. Cordes probably attacked the American liberty ship SS James Eagan Layne (American, 7176t.). However, there is much conflicting evidence over this incident and no agreement in official German and British sources.

However what is clear is that U 1195 was cornered off Portsmouth on 6 April 1945 after destroying the SS Cuba (British, 11420t,) by acoustic torpedo attack. The boat was destroyed by the destroyer HMS Watchman. Eighteen men escaped from the stricken submarine by means of underwater escape apparatus.