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U 1055

U 1055s third patrol in the Irish Sea graphically illustrates the chaos and destruction that determined U-boat crews could bring about as late as December 1944.
U 1055
Type VII C
Laid down 30 Mar 1943 Germania Werft, Kiel
Commissioned 8 Apr 1944 Oblt. Rudolf Meyer
Commander 04.44 - 04.45 Oblt. Rudolf Meyer


April 1944 - November 1944 5 U-Flottille (Kiel)
December 1944 - April 1945 11 U-Flottille (Bergen) front boat

Patrol 1   1 December 1944. Left Kiel and arrived at Horten on 4 December 1944.

Patrol 2  9 December 1944. Left Horten and arrived at Marviken on 10 December 1944.

Patrol 3  11 December 1944. Left for British coastal waters. From early January, U 1055 operated in St George’s Channel and the Irish Sea, patrolling between Lands End and Milford Haven. On the 9th she attacked convoy ON 271 west of St Bride’s Bay and sank the liberty ship SS Jonas Lie (Am. 7198t). The abandoned wreck drifted until finally sinking on the 14th. U 1055 torpedoed three ships off Holyhead on the 11th, missing the Yugoslav SS Senga but sinking the SS Roanoake (Am. 2606t) and the SS Normandy Coast (Br. 1428t). The boat was attacked by a Liberator on the 12th west of Holyhead but she managed to escape without damage. On the 15th U 1055 sank the tanker MV Maja (Br. 8181t) south west of the Isle of Man and on the 16th she may have unsuccessfully attacked a steamer but this is not certain. U 1055 put in to Stavanger on 1 February 1945.

Patrol 4  22 March 1945. Left Stavanger and arrived at Bergen on 23 March 1945.

Patrol 5  5 April 1945. Left for British coastal waters. U 1055 was to operate at the western entrance to the English Channel. On the 30th the boat was lost WSW of Brest from an unknown cause but possibly after striking a mine. There were no survivors, 49 dead.

Previously recorded fate. Sunk on 30 April, 1945 in the Bay of Biscay west of Brest, France in approximate position 4800’N, 0630’W, by US depth charges from a Catalina aircraft (VPB-63). This attack resulted in the sinking of U-1107