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U 1051

U 1051
Type VII C
Laid down 8 Feb 1943 Germania Werft, Kiel
Commissioned 4 Mar 1944 Oblt. Heinrich von Holleben
Commanders 03.44 - 01.45 Oblt. Heinrich von Holleben


March 1944 - December 1944 5 U-Flottille (Kiel)
January 1945 11 U-Flottille (Bergen) front boat

Patrol 1 18 December 1944. Left Kiel and arrived at Horten on 23 December 1944.

Patrol 2 29 December 1944. Left for British coastal waters. From 20 January 1945, U 1051 was operating in the Irish Sea. On the 26th she probably torpedoed and damaged the frigate HMS Manners west of the Isle of Man with an acoustic homing torpedo. Manners was towed to Barrow-in-Furness but never repaired. The hunt for U 1051 intensified after the frigate HMS Bentinck made contact and carried out a depth-charge attack. She was joined by HMS Aylmer and Calder. After further attacks, U 1051 surfaced and came under fire from the three frigates. The boat sank after being rammed by Aylmer. There were no survivors, 47 dead.