The Swansea History Web CD ROM

We've had a number of requests for Swansea History Web on a CD ROM. We know from your messages that many schools and interested parties only have limited access to the Internet and would like to be able to use our resource offline. So, in response to public demand here it is. 

Our CD ROM is created to order and contains the full contents of the current Swansea History Web site. The CDs are recorded to ISO 9660 standard and will run on Windows or Mac systems. All you need is a quality web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, and if you're reading this you've already got one. 

The Swanseahistoryweb CD costs just 16.99 which includes postage and packing.

If you're a regular you know that Swanseahistoryweb grows and changes regularly, so you might want to consider our subscription package which gives you the current CD plus three quarterly upgrades for 39.99.

If you're a school, library or other educational institution please contact us for further details.

Ordering: We're sorry but we don't have a e-Commerce system as yet but print off this order form and we'll meet your needs.

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The View Sunday October 15 2000

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