Swansea Union Workhouse - A nurse's duties in 1904 (1)

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The following pages are a complete edition of a nurse's handbook from 1904. We don't know how rare this is but it was plucked from a waste bin when the hospital was closed, so it seems pretty special to us! We've given you  the whole thing over several linked pages because I know many will want their own copy. Perhaps there's a nurse out there who can tell us us if things have changed!

Funnily enough a number of health service workers contacted us. Here's a typical comment:

"Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for showing the full version of the Nurses's duties book of 1904. Though no longer reporting to the medical director, not all that much as changed, except we don't have coal fires anymore, just central heating instead which during the winter is still turned off so 62 degrees F is not attained. The night shift is nearly unchanged."

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