The Town Hill Enclosure Award c. 1763

Town Hill and Burroughs Enclosure Act 1762; Town Hill and Burroughs Enclosure Award
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This document is a beautifully written Enclosure Award from the end of the golden period of Parliamentary Enclosure, I'm unsure of the date but I guess it's about 1763. I think that this transcript is a copy of the local Swansea Corporation copy. In the seven pages there is a mass of landscape information and some tantalising glimpses of the Town Hill landscape in the years before the fields were created. There is also plenty of information about the enclosure commissioners and some of the beneficiaries of the enclosure which at the time was most likely a rather unpopular development amongst most of the Swansea burgesses. The full award is here as a high resolution pdf file. Perfect for an early stab at reading old handwriting!
Extract from the first page of the  Award.

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