What's new in local history, social history and community history in and around Cardiff in South Wales.

What's new in local history, social history and community history in and around Cardiff in South Wales

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Bute Docks, Cholera, Housing, South Wales ports at War, Bristol Channel U-boats

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1" to 1 Mile map of western Swansea, Abernethy, James, Acts of Parliament, Airport, Air war over South Wales, Air Raids Full Lists, Air Raids in 1940, Air Raids in 1941, American soldiers in Swansea, Anchor Court, BBC Kitchen Front script, Ben Evans, Board of Health Plan symbols, Bombing map of Swansea, Borough Police Force, Borough Fire Brigade,  Bacon's Street Map (northern part of Swansea), BlitzBrangwyn Panels, Bristol Channel U-boats, Bristol Channel Mine War, Brunel in Swansea, C & A Modes Swansea, Castle Street Bomb, Castle Square, Cavell, Edith, Census Basics, Charter of William de Newburgh, Chemical and gas warfare, Child LabourCholera, Cholera Chronology, Cholera in MerthyrCholera in Cardiff, Cholera consequences, City Status, Common Land in Gower, Copper Smoke Trials of 1832, Cornish Mount, Cottage Exhibition of 1910, Courtney Street, Curtiss, Danny, Cyfarthfa Ironworks, Docks Plan, Duke Hotel, Wind Street, Dylan Thomas Centre, Early attitudes to rubbish and sewage, Early housing, Early Quays and Docks,  East Dock, Early bridges, Early Electricity, Early Postcards, Early roads in South Wales, Early U boat operations, Fairwood Common, Ferryside, Food Adulteration in Victorian Swansea, Gabriel Powell, Glamorgan Portway, Gloucester Place, Great War Cartoons (ePamphlet), Great War Cartoons, Greenhill, Greenhill in the 1830s, Guildhall Opening, Hafod Mission, Harris, James, Hearth Tax Returns, The Hecla and yellow fever Helwick Lightship, Henrietta Street, Hill House in Swansea, Hospital Square Bomb 1943, Jackson's Bridge in Merthyr, Incinerator, Iron industry, Jeffreys, Molly (Dunvant), KG2, Kampfgruppe 100,  Keystages, Kings Dock opening 1909; Landore, Lang-Coath, Howell Lang (Town Clerk and ARP Controller),  Luftwaffe Air Operations, 1940, Luftwaffe Air operations 1941-43, Luftwaffe targets in Swansea, Manselton, Map of the Town Centre 1880s, Medieval Lanes in Wind Street, Mountain Dew, Terrace Road, Mount Pleasant in Swansea, Mount Pleasant HospitalMolly Jeffreys at the Ministry, Mr Padley of Swansea, New Street, No.10 Pub,Old Guildhall, Old Guildhall (Dylan Thomas Centre) 1847 plan , Operation Bolero, Pegler Street, Plaza opening in 1931, Port Tennant in 1827, Port Tennant in c.1900, Postcards, Powell, Gabriel, Prince of Wales Dock, Queen's Hotel Gloucester PlaceRationing in wartime, Reading about Swansea, Recorder Street, Roman finds in SwanseaRoyal Institution, Rubbish and Sewage,  Sandfields area of Swansea, Salubrious Passage,  Seyler, Clarence and Food Adulteration, Seyler and gas warfare,Sheet 37 1830 OS plan, Smuggling in Gower sketch map; Swansea ablaze in the Blitz, South Wales Ports at War, Spanker (Swansea Corporation horse), Stagecoaches between Cardiff and Swansea, Swansea Jack, Swansea in the Blitz, Swansea's Industries in 1908, Swansea's Catherine Zeta Jones, Swansea's Garden City, Swansea Museum, Swansea Slip, Swansea's sewerage problems, Swansea's Osprey, Sweyn the Viking, Swansea's waterworks and reservoirs, Swansea's Main Drainage Scheme, Thomas, Edward, The Last Sheaf 1928, The western area of Swansea in the 1830s, The Sandfields area of Swansea from the Swansea Tithe plan, Tithe Survey of SwanseaTrade Directories, Town Hill Enclosure Act of 1762,Town Hill Enclosure Award; U28, U-boats, US Army Units, Union Workhouses, Victorian shopping in Mount Pleasant, Vivian, John Henry ,Yellow feverZeta, 1938 Air Raid Guide, 1850s water closet, 1880s water closet, 1908 Industry (plan), 1830 OS Plan of Swansea, 1920s pen picture of Swansea


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