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Our users are constantly asking for copies of various books etc. that we have mentioned or perhaps recommended in the content pages. We are going to offer books etc. that are not typically stocked by bookshops. None of these items can now be obtained via a bookshop. 

The Swansea History Web CD. 16.99 (inc. p&p).

The popularity of our CD continues to grow and we know that many of our users are only familiar with us via the CD as they do not have access to the Web yet. More Details

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Eye of the Eagle. The Luftwaffe Aerial Photographs of Swansea. 4.99 (inc. p&p).

The groundbreaking work of the air war over Swansea. More Details.

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Eye of the Eagle.

Eye of the Eagle 2. The Luftwaffe Aerial Photographs of Cardiff and Barry. 5.99 (inc. p&p).

The second book in the series. More Details.

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The History of the Countryside: The...

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Oliver Rackham's book is a classic for anyone who wants to understand the way Britain's countryside has changed over the past two thousand years. I have never came across any other book that offered so many insights into trees, hedgerows, and roads explained in such a readable and interesting way. The author starts in Roman times and goes into marvellous detail to explain the way in which roads and hedgerows shaped the landscape. He looks at the 'new arrivals' such as rabbits and sycamores. The differences between woodlands, wood pastures and commons are better described here than any other book I have come across. A comprehensive reference and bibliography section give you plenty of further ideas for more reading. (Nigel Robins)

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