Royal Institution of South Wales (at Swansea Museum) Programme 2001 - 2002

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The Royal Institution of South Wales is an independent voluntary learned society which supports and helps to promote the Swansea Museum (which is part of The City and County of Swansea’s Museum Service). All who care about the heritage of Swansea and adjacent parts of South Wales are invited to join the R.I. (which is a registered charity). The Institution’s local history journal Minerva is published annually and is available from the Museum shop.

These talks are for Royal Institution members but prospective members are always welcome. Membership costs only £6.00 per year (£8.00 - total - to include ‘spouse’), which includes a couple of newsletters and notices of publications, as well as the lecture series and the chance to meet like-minded people. Anyone can come and join at the meetings. We are always keen for people to join us. 


The new edition of MINERVA will be launched on Thursday 11 October at the first lecture meeting of the 2001-2002 RISW season This year Minerva is longer than ever. Familiar names - the Richardson family. William Logan - feature in Minerva 9, as well as a major article on the hitherto neglected career of Sydenham Edwards, eminent Welsh botanist and botanical artist. In recognition of the quality of Edwards' work, we have included a section of coloured illustrations as well as many black and white ones. Personalities and politics behind Swansea s first art exhibition and interesting facts and theories about local place names contribute to a readable and informative mixture.

The membership year commences on the 1st June.

Membership rates are currently:

Individual £6.00 per annum

Spouse £2.00 per annum (extra)

Applications for membership may be addressed to the Membership Secretary, RISW c/o Swansea Museum SAl 1SN. Application forms are available at the Museum.

Events will commence at 7.30p.m. (except for the St Davids' Day Coffee Morning and the A.G.M).

THURSDAY 13th SEPTEMBER: WILLIAM JORDEN of SWANSEA and the GLAMORGAN HALFPENNY By Dr David Dykes, President of the British Numismatic Society In the early nineteenth century William Jorden ran the Burrows House hotel and baths, near the Museum.

THURSDAY 11th OCTOBER: BRECON CATHEDRAL - The BUILDING and its HISTORY By the Rev. Chancellor Dr David Walker, who has made a special study of this fine cathedral.

THURSDAY 15th NOVEMBER: TEN YEARS at SWANSEA MUSEUM By Mrs Jennifer Sabine, lately retired senior member of the Museum staff and editor of our journal Minerva.

THURSDAY 6th DECEMBER: THE EARLIEST VIEWS of SWANSEA By Bernard Morris, Past-President of the RISW

THURSDAY 10th JANUARY 2002: "DR JOHNSON got it WRONG!" Mr Richard Keen, Welsh Landscape and Culture Adviser to the National Trust, who will discuss images of Wales from the eighteenth century to the present day

THURSDAY 31st JANUARY: THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the R.I.S.W will be held at the Swansea Museum at 7.00 p.m.

THURSDAY 14th FEBRUARY: ARCHAEOLOGY BY RAIL - the EARLY DAYS By Mr Keith Mascetti, President of the Royal Institution of South Wales, and immediate Past President of the Cambrian Archaeological Association.

THURSDAY 28th February: ST DAVID'S LECTURE: ST DAVID'S SUCCESSORS - WHO ARE OUR PATRON SAINTS? By Professor Peter Stead of the University of Glamorgan, noted social historian.

FRIDAY 1st MARCH: ST DAVID'S COFFEE MORNING and BRING AND BUY 10.30 to noon. Tickets available from Social Committee Members and at the Museum from early February.

THURSDAY 14th MARCH: PENLLERGARE: PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE By Mrs Maureen Davies, councillor, local resident and member of the Friends of Penllergare.

THURSDAY 11th APRIL: THE NEATH and TENNANT CANAL By Mr Peter Ricketts, who has researched the history of this, Swansea's 'other' major canal.

FRIDAY 21st JUNE: THE SUMMER PARTY Tickets and further details from Social Committee Members and at the Museum during June.  

Programme arranged by Bernard Morris. Tel. 402034



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Flames Across the Tawe  

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This is a lovely idea for a local history study. Despite being a large thriving Victorian seaport there was quite a struggle to establish effective firefighting in the town in the 1800s. The hard work and devotion of the borough policemen and a couple of tragedies combined to ensure that the local borough fire brigade would always have a place in the hearts of the local townspeople. The author tells the story of the Swansea fire brigades from their earliest beginnings in the 1800s to the eventual absorption into the West Glamorgan Fire Service. Beautifully illustrated with a nice readable narrative covering the dramatic events of many of Swansea's most famous emergencies, this is an excellent addition to the history of Swansea. (Nigel Robins)

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