Redring WS7   May 30th, 2011

The Redring WS7 works with a seven liter capacity and has an adjustable thermostat along with a protection against any frost problems. The heater is provided with a swivel spout along with extendable outlets. The pack comes along with a wall bracket for easy mounting on the wall and with and integrally situated thermal fuse which regulates the temperature as well as the time it takes for heating. Excess heating doesn’t take place as above a temperature the power gets cut off.
The Redring WS7 is a storage water heater and it has a small vent. It comes in white color alone and the surface is corrosion free. Most often the surface tends to get corroded due to continuous exposure to moisture; this can be a big problem if the surface is not protected by a layer of metal. Hence zinc serves the purpose.
The Redring WS7 water heater can be mounted under the sink by means of a special monolith chrome mixer. The unit stands the loss of heat, so that it can lead to less wear and tear of the heater. It is mainly produced in the United Kingdom and they offer a warranty period of three years.
The make is approved by all the standard companies, and is checked before being delivered to the house. A tamper proof cover is available, so that the Redring WS7 heater is delivered brand new to the person. The heater requires an electric supply point of 240 V and thus is better placed next to an energy source.

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