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Swansea Bay : The cleanup starts here

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Swansea History Web. The new waste water treatment works at Swansea. Just as the Main Drainage scheme was seen as a big step forward in the 1930s, Swansea’s new treatment works will have a profound effect on our coastline. An investment in the region of 85 million, will end the practice of pouring raw sewage into the bay.

They tell us they have learned all the lessons. Primary treatment, secondary treatment, and disinfection and eventual discharge from a long sea outfall into the outer reaches of the bay. The dynamics of the bay, an unknown science to the engineers of the 1920s, have been modelled by computer hopefully guaranteeing a clean and reliable system.

In March 1999, a number of schoolchildren were treated to ice creams at Bracelet Bay to mark the opening of the scheme. There was very little mention in the local press, although local people are wary of what it is going to cost them. But perhaps, hopefully some of the children who enjoyed the ice cream party on that March morning will enjoy something their grandparents enjoyed; A day out at Swansea Slip!

Above: The souvenir brochure. Right: Schoolchildren celebrate the opening at Bracelet Bay. The original sewage outfall is in the bay behind them.

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