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Swansea's earliest local Acts of Parliament

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The Enclosure Act of Town Hill in the Borough of Swansea. One of many Georgian enclosure acts that transformed the eighteenth century landscape. In many instances, Local Acts of Parliament were the only way of bringing about change in a local community. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, many aspects of daily life were regulated by statutes. They are often a quick and accurate way of finding out what happened in a community over a period of time.

The list is not exhaustive, many General Acts such as Poor Law legislation which affected the whole of the country are not listed.

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Private Act for vesting certain estates of the Duke of Beaufort, including Gower, Kilvey, and Swansea Castle etc. in Trustees with power to sell or lease the same. 32 Geo. II, c.28 1759
Enclosure Act for dividing and enclosing the Town Hill and the Burroughs of Swansea. 2 Geo. III, c.7 1762
Private Act for further amending and explaining the Duke of Beaufort’s Act of 1759 2 Geo. III, c.49 1762
Private Act for confirming a Lease of Coals, and Lands whereon to erect Copper or other Works in Kilvey, from the Hon. Louisa Barbara Mansell to Chauncey Townshend, Esq. 7 Geo. III, c.58 1767
Market Act for the Corporation of Swansea to erect a Market in the Castle garden and postern, on lands of the Duke of Beaufort. 14 Geo. III, c.27 1774
Road Act for building a Bridge, with necessary access thereto, across the River Tawey, near the Wych-Tree in Llansamlet, to Llangavelach parish. 18 Geo. III, c.68 1778
Harbour Act for repairing, enlarging, and preserving the Harbour of Swansea, and appointing the Trustees therefor. 31 Geo. III, c.83 1791
Canal Act for making and maintaining a canal from the Brewery Wharf at Swansea to Ystradgynlais in the County of Brecon. 34 Geo. III, c.109 1794
Harbour Act for amending the former Act (1791) and for improving the Mumbles Light in Swansea Bay. 36 Geo. III, c.93 1796
Road Act for continuing the term and altering the powers for maintaining the Wych-Tree bridge and approaches. 39 & 40 Geo. III, c.41 1800
Tramway Act for constructing a Tram or Rail-road from Swansea to Oystermouth, with power to make branches thereto. 44 Geo. III, c.45 1804
Harbour Act for amending and enlarging the powers granted by the two former [Harbour] Acts of 1791 and 1796. 44 Geo. III, c.46 1804
Local Act for Paving, lighting, cleansing and watching the Town of Swansea, in the County of Glamorgan 49 Geo. III, c.79 1809
Road Act for further continuing and altering the powers of former Acts relating to Wych-Tree Bridge and its approaches, and for repairing roads in St John’s juxta Swansea. 3 Geo. IV, c.1 1822
Acts of Parliament 1827 to 1847

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