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Cholera, life and public health in nineteenth century Swansea

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Swansea in common with most other industrial towns suffered greatly from public health problems in the nineteenth century. The dilapidated housing of the poorer parts of town became a breeding ground for frequent outbreaks of typhus, dysentery and particularly cholera
The links from this page look at some aspects of the cholera outbreaks and some of the general issues about drinking water, sanitation, food and public health that also played a part in the story.

A Cholera Chronology introduces some of the landmark events in Swansea's public health history.

The availability and quality of drinking water often had a direct effect on the outbreak of infectious diseases. Water in nineteenth century Swansea looks at some of the issues surrounding the town's early water supply.

Beliefs and attitudes to disease looks at some of the local perceptions of the cholera epidemics.

The quality of a person's diet has an important part to play in resistance to disease. The residents of Swansea's poorer districts suffered from a poor and monotonous diet. Food in nineteenth century Swansea looks at some issues.


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