Bute Dock - Vocabulary and Definitions

Bute West Dock - A chronology ] What was Cardiff's trade and industry like before the Bute Dock was built? ] Why was there a need for a new dock in Cardiff? ] What was transport like around Cardiff in the early 1800s? ] The Second Marquess of Bute ] What did the Bute dock do? ] Was there opposition to the Bute Dock scheme? ] What were the consequences of building the Bute Dock? ] What was trade and industry like after the dock was built? ] [ Bute Dock - Vocabulary and Definitions ]

Basin This can be a small dock or usually a half-tide basin used for holding ships before they move into the dock.
Bute Ship Canal This was the original name for the Bute Dock. It was called this because the original design was more like a fat canal rather than a dock, because it was very long and thin. It copied the basic layout of the Glamorganshire Canal's sea lock although it was far better designed.
East Dock  
Ely Tidal Harbour This was a set of wharves built by the TVR on the  banks of the Ely river in 1859. The reason for these wharves is that the TVR were desperate to get their own coal loading facilities outside of the control of the Bute Docks. 
Glamorganshire Canal  
Half-tide Basin A small dock with locks to allow ships access to the main dock. 
Staithe Staithes are the structures used to transfer coal from the wharf or dock to the ship. They were usually built on the sides of rivers and had ramps to slide coal into the ships or barges. They were usually temporary structures made of wood. They could be of many different designs but they all did the same basic job. The picture below shows coal staithes on the River Tawe near Swansea.

Sea lock This is the name given to the lock gates that opened between the Glamorganshire Canal and Cardiff Bay. The lock was used as a simple dock for a long time.
TVR The Taff Vale Railway which ran between Merthyr and Cardiff. 
West Dock The name given to the Bute Dock after the Bute East Dock was built. 

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