Bute West Dock - A chronology

[ Bute West Dock - A chronology ] What was Cardiff's trade and industry like before the Bute Dock was built? ] Why was there a need for a new dock in Cardiff? ] What was transport like around Cardiff in the early 1800s? ] The Second Marquess of Bute ] What did the Bute dock do? ] Was there opposition to the Bute Dock scheme? ] What were the consequences of building the Bute Dock? ] What was trade and industry like after the dock was built? ] Bute Dock - Vocabulary and Definitions ]

A chronology of the important dates concerning the establishment and working of the Bute Dock.
1798 The sea lock of the Glamorganshire Canal is opened. 
1806 The Glamorganshire Canal is exporting 10,400 tons of iron a year from the sea lock.
1822 Marquess of Bute first has the idea of opening a dock at Cardiff.
1826 Total tonnage of shipping using Cardiff is 90,000 tons.
1827 Cardiff's total export tonnage is 144,000 tons.
1828 James Green, a famous canal engineer, prepares a report on the need for a dock at Cardiff, and gives it to  the Marquess. 
1829 Thomas Telford, the famous engineer amends Green's original dock plans.
1830 A Bill to build the dock receives royal assent. The dock scheme is opposed by the Glamorganshire Canal Company, and the Melingriffith Iron Works.
1830 Total tonnage of shipping using Cardiff is 125,000 tons.
1833  James Green's plans are no longer considered suitable and new plans are prepared under the guidance of the engineer William Cubbit.
1834 Work on the dock feeder canal begins
1835 The excavation of the entrance channel was started in June..
1835 Total tonnage of shipping using Cardiff is 213,000 tons.
1839 The Glamorganshire Canal is exporting 132,781 tons of iron a year from the sea lock.
1839 The dock was opened on 8 October. It was first called the Bute Ship Canal.
1839 Cardiff's total export tonnage is 344,000 tons.
1840 Defects in the construction cause the dock to be closed.
1841 The dock is reopened in January.
1841 The Marquess, increasingly frustrated by the dock's inability to return a profit, fires the dock management. 
1844 The trade of the dock totals 490,000 tons, which exceeded the Glamorganshire Canal for the first time.
1847 C. F. Cliffe visits the dock and records 160 vessels using it. Local opinion is that the dock is too small for all the ships that want to use it.
1848 The second Marquess of Bute dies. 
1849 The trade of the dock had risen to 827,000 tons.
1851 Various shipping companies in Cardiff petition the Bute Estate for a new dock at Cardiff.
1851 The dock is inspected and its shallow sea gate and small half-tide basin are considered sub standard for Cardiff trade.
1852 The trade of the dock exceeds a million tons.

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