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Next Meeting ...7pm on Wednesday 1 August at The Salisbury, Walter Road, Swansea.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Swansea Slip Bridge Support group pages. This is where we'll put all our info on the Swansea citizen's campaign for the City and County of Swansea to keep its promise to the people of Swansea to repair and replace our much loved and much missed Slip Bridge.


Friday 1 June

Members of the group have been attending meetings at the riverside Communities Group and the Brynmill and Uplands' Residents association. The shocking redevelopment proposals in the Swansea Bay Strategy are starting to galvanise people into action all along the River and the foreshore. If you want to know more just contact us!

We are still awaiting a response to our CADW letter.

Here's our letter to CADW and here's our Submission Document.

Here's our draft response to the forthcoming Swansea Bay Strategy Consultation. We know that Brynmill and Uplands residents will also have a few things to say... as will many others when they find out what the council want to sell off on the Recreation Ground!

If you're having trouble finding out what's planned you're not alone...but this might help...have a look at the Swansea Bay Strategy Action Plan.

And here's the St Helen's redevelopments all nicely summarised on a consultants' plan.

Sunday 13 May

It's been a very busy time for us all. The interest in what we are doing continues to grow and some Swansea councilllors have been to our meetings to find out more. A preliminary survey of the Slip Bridge abutments has revealed that although they remain structurally sound the lack of care by the Council has meant that a lot of sand and weeds are beginning to grow on the steps. Letters continue to be sent to the Evening post by people from all over Swansea. an appearance on Radio Wales by one of our group resulted in a massive boost of interest for us and these web pages.

We now await the release of the Draft Swansea Bay Strategy as we know that there will be many controversial plans for the Slip Bridge and the whole of the St Helen's area...

Sunday 22 April

The Evening Post article has confirmed what we all knew that indignance and frustration are still simmering over what Swansea Council have done. Even the Evening Post editor Spencer Feeney has now conceded that there is a real issue here that must be answered. Letters to the Evening Post have confirmed the growing level of support we now have.

This week we attended a meeting of the Riverside Communities Group concerning the growing tension over the dreadful plans that the council has for the old copperworks buildings in Hafod. The council plan to sell off some of the Hafod's most historic buildings as another large 'drinking shed' in the style of Wind Street's largest alcohol retailers. Naturally many people are stunned that more buildings are being turned into these places and Hafod residents are building a growing campaign to fight the Council's plans which have been well advanced in secret.

We have prepared a powerpoint presentation of our views which has been shown to a number of people and groups and we are currently looking forward to giving the presentation to the Plaid Cymru group in the coming few days.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Nigel are looking into the Cadw failure to list and protect the abutments in a proper manner. Sam's getting new architect's drawings of some more ideas for redevelopment and Nigel is also hoping to give a few more presentations to local groups shortly.

Thursday 5 April 2024

Sam, Eddie, Nortridge and Nigel met with Evening Post Reporter Rob Green in response to Editor Spencer Feeney's offer of a full page in the paper to put across our views and hopes for the future of the Slip Bridge and the St Helen's area. We had 40 minutes to put across our presentation and provide Rob Green with a wealth of information on the past, present and future of the Slip Bridge issue.

We now wait to see how much of our message is allowed to be printed in the Evening Post. If you want to see all the information we gave Rob Green then take a look at our press releases below, or the official Slip Bridge presentation.

If you are a group of interested Swansea citizens and would like an illustrated talk on the whole Slip Bridge story then just contact Nigel Robins at swanseaslipbridge@googlemail.com

If you're interested in our campaign to re-energise the St Helen's site with concerted Council action why don't you come to a meeting or contact 01792 588671 / 01792 401104


Swansea Slip Bridge Group

Above: The future? We aren't just talking about saving an old bridge there's plenty of ideas for bringing the site up to date like this lift idea for the abutments. We all know that it is vital that the rebuilt bridge has to reflect our modern needs of access and sustainability.

Also we know that the council deliberately ruined the old bridge so it could never be put back. But it doesn't have to be...we could use new age technology and have an FRP bridge! Want to know more? Have a look at this link for a new way of building bridges.

Above: A modern plastic pedestrian bridge at night.


Above: New Technologies. A new slip bridge could use solar power for green energy.


Above: Swansea's heritage. The Slip and the Slip Bridge

Press Releases

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Press Release 1 'When life was a beach at Swansea Slip!' For generations of fun loving Swansea citizens Swansea Slip was the place to be in the s
Press Release 2: ' A bridge to the future'. A new Slip Bridge will be a priceless link between the past and the future says Eddie Ford of Swansea’s Slip Bridge Support Group...
Press Release 3: 'Slipping through the pages of history'. The failure of the Council to replace the bridge at Swansea Slip will be a dreadful loss to the City’s heritage says Sandra Stone from Swansea’s Slip Bridge Support Group...
Press Release 3: 'Abutments prove Slip Bridge support still strong Support to put back the Swansea Slip Bridge is as strong as ever'. “The Stone abutments are still there waiting for a bridge to be put back and raising questioning looks from everyone who passes them” said Plastic Sam of Swansea’s Slip Bridge Support Group...
Press Release 5: Green plans for Slip Bridge. " A new bridge at Swansea Slip could be a jewel in Swansea’s environmental crown" says green campaigner Nortridge Perrott'.
Press Release 6: Bridging the gap in new tourism plans. Swansea’s new tourism plans have a major gap…the one between the Slip Bridge abutments say campaigners from Swansea’s Slip Bridge Support Group.
Press Release 7: A new bridge for old. Gone but not forgotten. The removal of Swansea’s old iron Slip Bridge opens exciting possibilities for a new type of bridge say local campaigners from Swansea’s Slip Bridge Support Group.
Press Release 8: Our Bridge of Sighs. Eddie Ford of Swansea’s Slip Bridge Support Group looks at the key events surrounding the Slip Bridge controversy.

The old St Helen's Baths and the Bay-View Hotel area had their very own Development brief and throughout history acted as  a gathering point for generations of Swansea citizens.The history pages tell you about the importance of the slip area.

The group is lobbying for a proper economic and strategic appraisal to do justice to the potential of this prominent location to maximise opportunities for the Slip Bridge site. Not least the idea of harnessing zero-carbon green energy ideas to enhance the area as a Tourist destination. A cafe along the lines of Verdi's or Joe's Ice Cream Parlour is being canvassed coupled with well maintained toilet facilities. A much loved emblem of Swansea in the Floral clock telling time again is also on the agenda. The old LMS line discontinued in 1964 boasted a level crossing,a shop,swingboats and signal box rounded off on the bridge spans with much loved icons of nursery rhymes -the cat and the fiddle who jumped over the moon some may remember  prominently in those less stressed days.

The future Slip Bridge could use 21st century solar technology and Solar heating, advertising and display features together with a green renewable-energy visitor centre with integral cafe tea room for those tired feet making best use of Swansea bay.


Swansea Slip Bridge (Past, present, and Future) (PowerPoint)

Swansea Slip Bridge (Past, present, and Future) (Open Document Presentation)

Swansea Slip Bridge (Past, present, and Future) (PDF version)

Next Meeting ...7pm on Wednesday 1 August at The Salisbury, Walter Road, Swansea.

Bridges for the Future

History of the Slip and the Bridge

Contact us at swanseaslipbridge@googlemail.com

Below: Another idea to make the site as special as it used to be. Why don't we have a destination building on the abutments so that we can all enjoy the fantastic views of Swansea Bay that are currently only available to a select few with Marina apartments...and Swansea city councilors!